This page gives information on meetings of the Centre (public and internal), and links to non-CHMI events.

CHMI Meetings

19 October 2002  Bridging the Gap between Field Studies and Design
Annelise Mark Pejtersen, Morten Hertzum, Peter Bøgh Andersen & Susanne Bødker (organisers)
Workshop held in connection with the NordiCHI2002 Conference, Aarhus University, IT-parken.
7-8 February 2002 Project 4 workshop, Liseleje
Susanne Bødker & Johannes Pedersen
27 November 2001  First Danish HCI research symposium
Organized by and CHMI
24-25 October 2001 Workshop on theories and methods
Peter Bøgh Andersen (organizer)
28 February-1 March Workshop on empirical methods
Susannne Bødker (organizer)


22 October Workshop on Quality and Validity in HCI Research
Olav W. Bertelsen and Liam J. Bannon (organisers)
3-4 October CHMI workshop
1 June Distributed Cognition
Ed Hutchins
31 May Prototypes showcase
23-24 May Cooperative work & MMI
Theory and Methods Symposium
10 April Value sensitive design: informed consent and network browser security
Batya Friedman
27 March Fluid Documents: Annotation in Context
Jock Mackinlay and Polle Zellweger
11-12 January Affordances, Actions, Signs and Constraints
Theory and Methods Symposium
13 December Meeting of interest group on Abstraction based on a design case
1 December Meeting of interest group on Active Network Theory
17 November 2nd theory workshop on issues relating to our empirical projects:
How professionals handle information
29 October Doctoral defense by Susanne Bødker
14-15 October Representation of Work and Systems
Theory and Methods Symposium
Hindsgavl Slot
30 September 1st theory workshop on issues relating to our empirical projects


Non-CHMI Events

The following sites maintain information on events related to the centre, if you find other good conference listings then please mail Hanne Albrechtsen.

  • Norbert Fhur maintains the Information Retrieval Group’s List at Dortmund University.
  • The Human-Computer Interaction Resource Network has an extensive list of  HCI conferences.
  • Anind Dey at Georgia Tech maintains the Future Computing Environments List (HCI, mobile computing, virtual reality and AI are some sub-themes).

Also of interest are the following professional body specialist group home pages:

  • ACM SIGCHI (and ACM SIGCHI Denmark)
  • ISKO